Just another 30 day blog challenge… #11

Shock horror. I missed a day, I did fret about what you – my other reader, would think.

Should a start again? That is what happens in 750words.com when you miss a day – your streak is broken! That is it tough Shit.

I had done 55 days in a row and then I FORGOT to write one day and was back to Zero!

Here is a nice photo of my good mate Simon Sinek and world class business woman Lena – I needed a photo and Simon was in my head.


New conversation:
I hope it comes across that I am sharing how I feel here. Not pleading for sympathy or ‘extra time’ – I am clear that compared to 90% of the people on this planet I am doing fine, in fact to have many part of my life are beyond amazing – #babybernie, #supercoolwife, Mac Book Pro….

One part I treasure is my weekly day with #Babybernie. I don’t work Thursdays and spend the day with him. I actually get more done only working four days a week, most of the time we spend just wandering around parks and meeting people for food. It is great not having to rush, today after swimming we spent twenty minutes looking at a tube map, I got bored after two minutes and wanted to go – he had not finished and then 20 minutes later he was flagging (like me.)

Back to the miss

I have been going to post all day but it did not work out.

So I am going to post this and run to bed! I am soooo tired and need to rest, this is one of my days where I can’t do anything and really need to hide keys so jon jon and I can do impression.

ANYWAY – please have a listen to this Simon Senek talk – I am very in tune with where he takes this 😉

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