Just another 30 day blog challenge… #10

Whoops! Bollox! It was 3:30pm just now and I was going to post a blog. Now it is 10:48pm and I have just realised I a few seconds left.

So what to say?
Er.. How is it going?
What you getting out of the blogging then Bernie?

I get up and check what riffs we are playing!

This is day 10 and right now I am up for carrying this on past the 30 days.

itsnot aboutideas

It is ‘hard’ but it is not really, the ‘HARD’ part is dithering around and procrastinating not the actual writing like I am doing now – I could just sleep right now and I am making myself do this! So please forgive me – in fact you can stop reading now if you like – I am really tired, I am doing this blog out of obligation to myself and know that this will be one lame bit on the way to the everyday post.

Every time I feel a post coming on about ‘how I write’ my friend Ripley Nox seems to scream in my ear about how writers filling time write about how they write.
I can feel one coming now and I need a bit of auto pilot to get to the end of this post – Sorry Ripley.

I’ll be quick.
I drift off, in fact more than I realise, with the mindfulness and meditation I am have started doing I am becoming more and more aware of how I drift and come back into places.
This morning I fell asleep standing up in the mindfulness class, I could feel myself drifting off and I was standing up – at the end I felt completely relaxed and ready so it was ok but I did fall asleep and then was wide awake having breakfast before I knew what was going on.

I have felt tired all day, even though my mood it good, it has been hard to concentrate and get into everything for a period of time, and now I am writing this nearly falling asleep!
So you might think ‘why don’t you just sleep?’
Of course I could but now the gap between sleeping and racing to get to 750 words is few minutes or so away and will be more rewarding for me at the end.

If you have got this far you are doing well and must be a true fan!
This could be one of the most shocking blogs from me ever, and what is motivating me is keeping my promise to myself.
Also at anyone time anyone can stop and move. Somehow we are eligible for flyer miles and that is good – but we need to be able to move fast somehow when we got to Paris later in the year we’ll be ready for action, the best way of talking about a company is to not sent live animals into war zone and instead to something that is outside and easy for people to connect without feeling that they have to buy something or invite you in for a cup of tea until you do.

I am mega interested the economy and how we interact, there seems to me to have been a build up of bad faith in the banks and their banking system which I am still never sure why they need so much to live and work – my bank angers me but it is the best of a bad bunch, I know where I stand with them and they don’t pretend everything is ok either.


Other banks I have been with have offended me free everything and then turned out to be £u,king useless, many business bankers are so young their mother still spoon feeds them at night. ‘I often feel they are ‘learning in the job’ in fact that is me just being nice. Some of these people at the bank drive me mad, the business bankers that is. In the past some of them have turned up to my breakfast and evening events acting really importantly and them been surprised when they have to pay – it has been either ‘We are a back and don’t pay’ or ‘our boss said we can only go to free networking events’ in London if I could ever find the combination of good bank and a business manager that was not a total twat they’d be on am endless streak of referrals.

Ok this is it. I am at the end of my block of text for today! I just need to get it into Word press and BOOM we are in there!

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