Just another 30 day blog challenge… #1

Warning: this is a stream of conciousness and you’ll either think I am a total dick or a brave genius #justsaying

I could recite blog challenges to you like The Suitcase Entrepreneur or the Copy Blogger one. I have evangelised about them and even inspired a few people to take them and I’ve even had people email me and say to say thanks I am now blogging all the time and it has done wonders of my confidence and in some cases business.

I think one thing that has put me off shouting about 30 day blog challenges are the slimy business guru fuck wits that blog in a thinly veiled ‘I am such a good bloke – really I want your email address and for you to follow me’ type thing.

‘Getting people to do things’ has never worked for me. Most sales courses I have taken have left me looking down at the floor and seeing a tray of grease and slim at my feet.

On the other hand I heard a line that has stuck with me forever:
“I blog to find out what I think” – I smiled and thought – ‘wow that is cool – I should do that’ – this was so long ago Even Williams still worked at Google and twitter was just a word to describe a bird vocalising.

I have been thinking about this ever since – through good and bad times – my first blog was on Blogger in something like 2005 – don’t be impressed – there was a year long gap before anything else happened and then a few months between each subsequent post.


Just to jump thoughts again..
For most of 2014 I have been writing daily on the site 750words.com – I have completed 180 days at the time of writing and average 850 words a day, giving me a tally of 160,574 words before I started writing this. I know how to write and I know how to write fast.

Writing for me and something I really care about is easy, very easy. Writing in a paid for capacity is a sure fire way to kill a relationship with me. More than one person has been left scratching their heads after hiring me to blog for them.

So I just don’t write for anyone else, it would be cool to say that with the air of someone who is super exclusive and money just can’t buy – this is not the case I am just a knob who panics and procrastinates and can’t deliver for others in this area.

So where was eye? Sorry I?
30 days.
I have written 180 days so now I want to publish for 30 days in a row, only for my own curiosity there are about 10 people who read everything I publish and I value these relationships. So it is not a traffic thing, of course I’ll get more traffic because I am posting more if the only thing that happens at the end of this is that the those 10 people are even more up to speed with how to connect with my antics I’ll be happy.

Actually it will save them the time of listening to me whine down the phone and then still not taking their advice.

Everyday I write 750 words so I am just going to publish that, this I usually have completed by 06:30am GMT so I’ll post it then or later in the morning.
It won’t be consistent it will be what ever is I am thinking about and feeling that day – I have a feeling that most of it will be a cry for help 😉

What are you doing Mitchell?
Life is blogging and podcasting these days with a side order of event action (more later on this) also I am gritting my teeth and going for a sub 4 hour time in the London marathon in 2015.

For the last three years I have been depressed as a depressed thing just graduated from depressed school (see previous posts) this hot me with shock and amazement.
I have always been deeply committed to a positive mental attitude and thought I had life nailed, after a some crap business ideas and decision and some even crapper money decisions Bernie’s head fell off and he was fucked.

I have been visiting a therapist ever Monday for nearly two years and taken HUGE steps to slow down and pay attention to what is going on around me.

By posting everyday for 30 days I am sure I’ll be even more in tune with where I could be making the most trouble…

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!


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