I am loving the sharing.…

Ok so I accidentally got involved in a tech start up and found my self sharing rather than selling.

I have always been crap at selling, mainly because somewhere in there you only really want to meet people who are going to buy your product or service.

Me? I love people, I love bringing people together at events and I love racing through streets in Soho talking very fast on my phone trying to pull everything off with no time, no budget and necking a double espresso from Flat White.

I am stressed to the eyeballs, loving every minute and beyond grateful for the people around me.

One little sanctuary I have found is KindredHQ co-working. I have always detested “members clubs” (every time a new one opens all the usual suspects slide in there at the beginning) KindredHQ is a members club on the move and means you can socialise and work at the same time.

I am solving more problems hanging with these people twice a week than running round Soho like a maniac.

One of the best sessions is the monthly Mozilla group, the huge space means you can spread out either on a bean bag or bench, you can probably have a snooze too 🙂

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