Going to meet Seth Godin

Quite honestly I don’t really know what is going on right now.
I feel like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly via a very painful cocoon.

Really 2012 was a very very steep learning curve. It was full of joy in many ways, the life lessons and business lessons I would not change one bit – even the agony will be worth the long term insight.

So that is on the way out. Then on the way in is this… I open my email and need to pinch myself, FreeAgent have emailed me my plane tickets to Mesh 2013 in San Francisco.

I knew this was happening but now it is actually booked.
Lisa Gansky told me about the event late last year on a phone call. She asked me where I was, it just so happened I really was standing on platform  at Kings Cross.

Going to the event is cool enough, the fact Seth Godin is taking part is just the icing on the cake. The fact the event is about business models and innovation is even more exciting.

I have to pinch myself too, I hardly get any email and the email I do get reads like my audible.co.uk library more and more every week. Most of the people we interview on the podcasts I co-host are people whose books I have been reading over the last few years. It is amazing.
Also as a result of the podcasts I am meeting more and more of these people, usually in a really interesting and educational setting rather than a book signing or crap awards show.

And now I’m off to see Seth Godin next month!

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