#globalsharingday – Final Cut Pro – House of Commons with Marks and Spencer’s

Our HUGE day rounded off at the House of Commons with a deliciously informal speaker session.
We all crammed into one room and were treated to insights from a rapid fire line up. This picture here shows Mike Barry being interviewed.

Who is Mike Barry? He is the very active Head of Sustainability for Marks and Spencer’s, and solid supporter of our quest at The People Who Share. Quite frankly in the world of gigantic corporations that take longer to turn than an oil tanker in a ocean storm M&S are grabbing the bull by the horns. It is always easy to shout from the sidelines that “mega corps should be doing more” (and they should) without taking into account that the internal reality is very different.

For a very established 129 year old company M&S have really gone for it with #shwapping and are now releasing their first clothes that are made from recycled wool. Of course the first few pieces will be gimmicks, fast forward a few years when they are making all their clothes from recycled goods and the high street will be laughing on the other side of the road.

Not only is it great to have the support of Mike and his team at M&S, they are also an inspiration – if a company as established as this is willing to take a harder look at the way they do things there is hope yet. It reminds me of the early days of social media when bigger companies started embracing this new way of communication.

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