Getting ready for Sumner

When I wake up and walk round this town I am reminded of the line in Kim by Kipling that ends something like “India was awake and Kim was in the middle of it!” The paragraph before describes parrots tooting, doors opening, trains moving and general hustle and bustle.

Everyone in Chania is on a mission to get the place finished before the main summer season. Because this year the Greek Orthodox calendar and Roman Catholic calendar Easter at different times there start of the season has been stretched and slow.
Now all guns are blazing. Many of the back. Streets are bej g repaved, people are busy in the old town painting their old houses to look like new old houses. On every corner there Cem mixers going full pelt, I wonder if there is a shortage of these machines on main land Greece.

It certainly is NOT hell on earth, I am not painting a picture that you see of a timeshare lodge on BBC Watchdog.
This is small town full of people who want to keep it looking good. Maybe they are always pulling together? Maybe they are making sure they pull together because of the economic climate?

Whatever the reason this place is great, I’d rather dangle my hrs d in a tank frustrates lobsters than come here in high season, the sight of tourists on these streets would ruin it for me, we nearly have the place to ourselves right now.

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