Get Your Shit Together Mitchell.

So reader I married him.

Tweet me back if you know the book that line is from.

(If you are in London, I’ll buy you a BulletProof coffee and you can ask me anything.)

I can never decide where to start and that is the issue. I thought if I nicked someone else line it would at least get me started and it looks like it has.

I had a big pile of stuff, you know interviews with Matthew MacStravic and Ali from LiftShare, Emily and even Seth Godin.

I could not get the intro and the outro and Jon said he would help me. What Jon needed was for me to send him the recordings.

But I was too shy to do them, I did not want the people near me to hear me doing them and the meeting room at @90mainyard was empty and I could not go in there because.

Then Mandela suddenly crawled out from under my desk and started slapping around the face with a very small but surprisingly hard cold and wet fish. He looked around to see if anyone else was watching? He then looked me dead in the eye and said I have an image to keep up so get your shit together Mitchell.

“What more do you need? Think this is hard? Try being married to a woman with her own football team AND beating Apartheid while locked up.”

“Woman with a football team? Karen Brady?” I asked.

“No, Fool. Winnie.” SLAP.

“Enough with the fish, Nelson!”

“Come on Mitchell get your shit together! Ghandi is getting restless too. We can’t hang around here all day waiting for you to launch a podcast, have you read Jon’s book?

“Which one?”

How to launch a podcast” shouted Nelson and then look around to see if anyone had heard him.

“Yes. Several times but I did not have……”

“Enough! Please. I have to go and see Bono after this and I can only cope with so much bullshit in one day, Ghandi is being stubborn and gets off his food when he is trying to make a point – I can’t have that.”

“What do you need Bernie?” asked Mandela, calming down a little bit.

“Er, to make a list and send it to Jon, with some recordings of the jingle things and to set up the first five interviews with people.”

“Do you know who they are?”


“Have you asked them?”


“Bernie, I sent you a work buddy who has written a book on podcasting, I send you the Showrunner podcast, I send you Podclear and BulletProof coffee and you are still dicking around.”

“Sorry, Nelson.”

“Sorry, not good enough my friend. I was really counting on you to interview Natalie Bennet so she could win the UK general election and now we have to wait another five years.”

“Be the change you want to see.”

“Thanks, Ghandi.”

“No problem, just stop moaning about what others are not doing.

“Nelson, shall we call a tuktuk?”

“No, Mahatma, there is an Uber 4 minutes away, we’ll take that.”

“See you tomorrow Bernie, say hi to Chris and Mike for me today and give my love to the wife and kids.”

“But, er….”

“You’ll know what to do.”



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