Flying with #babybernie

I am now convinced that #babybernie is solar powered, so when we get to the sun his energy quota is off the scale.

The best thing we do as a family is travel, taking him on a plane, up a mountain, eating new food and meeting new people is a never ending blast of fun.

He is twice as exhausting to look after now with his delicious curiosity for every nook and cranny along the way. He also has no sense of fear when it comes to animals, climbing up rock faces or falling over.

When #babybernie was just five months old we lived in Argentina for nearly three months. On this trip #babybernie, Supercool wife and I bonded both as a family and as a travel team – we all agree this is our best version.
We were all on the move with no daily routine getting a chance to take hold and pull us into the drab 9 to 5 existence that I am always working to avoid.

We were on planes, trains, buses, boats, taxis, state of the art vehicles and transport that was about to fall apart. These trips are the best ever. I used to think that staying up for a week and partying was a good holiday, it probably was back then.

While being on the move with a toddler is very challenging it is much more rewarding sharing these experiences for me.
I write this at Athens airport and I have been thinking that for the first time ever I don’t have a sense of loss, emptiness or other tragic emotion playing on my mind as we head home.

I can’t explain it right now but what is ahead feels equal to or better than what has gone before. I love the Greek islands, gazing at the sea, mountains and staying with very very dear friends has cleared my head more than you can imagine.

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