Five Start-Ups I LOVE that are Crushing it….


I know there might be bigger, faster, stronger and more hip stuff going on, but for me this is where the fun is.

I have seen these guys start, grow, fall over, get back up and – unlike many Start-Up founders – they LISTEN.

1. The Food Assembly – Supported OuishareFest in France and they opened here at 90 Mainyard in the canal side restaurant in our coworking space, they connect food producers with customers and organise a weekly event to pick up your order and meet the people that make your food.

2. Grub Club – is what people like me who would LOVE to own a restaurant but can’t stomach the stress have been waiting for. I LOVE Olivia’s intention and energy, they are waiting to close their next funding round and then they’ll be really cooking on gas!

3. Nimble – I have been a huge believer in this groovy CRM since November 2011 after I realised I had bitten off more than I could chew with Salesforce. The founder Jon is the Godfather of CRM after starting Goldmine in the late 80’s – (I am testing the LONG awaited iphone App now – I LOVE it more than ever.)

4. Loomio – I have followed for nearly a year now and we have just started using it. This is a true ‘people buy why you do it not what you do’ app – for me it eliminates the need for bull shit meetings* and enables ‘decisions’ to move projects forward.

5. Publicate – is the app that enabled me to embed the links below – Chris has worked really hard in the last two years to get feedback (he asks very smart questions) this is the latest version of his idea and I am very very very very sure he has cracked it this time.

5 Start-Ups Worthy Of Your Attention

The Food Assembly

Get together to buy directly from local farmers and foodmakers

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Pop Up Restaurants| Eat Out with Grub Club

What’s A Grub Club? Grub Club connects foodies with new and creative Chefs across London. A Grub Club is like a restaurant but a lot more…

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Loomio | Collaborative Decision-Making

1. Talk things through Start a discussion on any topic, and bring in the right people. Share diverse perspectives and develop ideas…

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Product Tour | Nimble

In the morning, Nimble greets Jack with a couple of opportunities to engage and a birthday not to be missed. A handful of Stay in Touch…

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Publicate makes it easy to bookmark and organise all your favourite content in one place, where you decide what to share and what to keep…

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(*most meetings are a waste of time – not to be confused with MIRL which is great)
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