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My favourite gin swigging mate let slip that they receive over 160 emails a day – how do you manage that? This horror prompted an urgent blog post on how to unsubscribe and manage what you do. The headline is that if you are getting an email every time something happens on a social network you are reversing the advantage of being on a social network.

My infamous unsubscribe email had 40 people email back with electric words of encouragement and another 400 unsubscribed.
Of course a chunk of those 400 people just hate me as they are jealous of my chiselled abs and perfect Bruce Willis hair and another chunk I know through social networks so they don’t need to be on my list.

The Next Big Headline
It is 2012 and we are way past “twitter is cool” or “click here and like our facebook page” as the Olympics proved the quest for +1’s and facebook likes is futile.  If you are sponsoring an event and still think the smart thing to do is collect emails or do a business card raffle you are missing a bigger opportunity to connect and build an epic direct customer experience. Of course I am no angel myself but seeing “social and inbound marketing” people still do broadcast bollox marketing is a crime, if I was doing an inbound marketing event at least I’d write a blog.

The Next Big Thing
Every event organiser says this but this time it is true – I really do only have a few tickets left for TAGtribe Forum with J.P Rangaswami Chief Scientist – Salesforce & Neville Hobson host – For Immediate Release podcast. They will be debating how to market to customers and connect to each other in this “always on” era of working together.
This will be a lot of fun, J.P. & Neville have a brilliant humour and might even disagree!! (best of all while their humour might fail their knowledge won’t)

How to get even more out of the Event
Our good friend Jon interviewed Neville on this podcast (JP is going next week). Listen to get your brain fired up about what questions you would like to ask; trust me it will not be “do I need a facebook page?”.  I also believe that if you listen to the podcast beforehand you’ll be 100 times more engaged in the evening.
We are collecting questions before the event so Andy can curate the session for an epic level of interaction and insight for you to take away, you will be amazed at how much you learn from each other as well as JP and Neville.

As always we will have no time for business card raffles, 60 second pitches or for you to leave your brochure on everyone’s seat in case people are interested.

You should RSVP today to secure your TAGtribe forum place here. (Full event details and speaker bios here.)

Have a remarkable day.

Bernie J. Mitchell

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Nimble Social CRM ‘Social Selling’ webinar then live workshop

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