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Did you almost think that starting your Coworking Space was a bad decision ?

Did you almost think that starting your coworking space was a bad idea?

Or you’re wanting to establish a Coworking space but not sure where to find the Coworkers?

Many people know what Coworking spaces are but they don’t see the value of why they have to join one. It’s too easy to go to one space after the other or just simply work at home.

Most Coworking Spaces are selling memberships as if they were products, doing Sales, Not Marketing! 


We’ll transform your shared offices into buzzing destination workplaces by communicating with the people and businesses perfect for your space. So you can stop worrying about filling spaces and start worrying about managing your waiting list!

How our Services will Help you

Meet your Certified Storybrand Guide

Meet Your Certified Storybrand Guide

Hello, Bernie here.

I’m always seeking a deeper understanding of how people share space and work and learn together.

I’ve been teaching Coworking spaces on how to create thriving business communities through podcasting, seminars, events, skills and workshops.

If you want to build an impactful and interesting community, I’d love to help you tell your story.

For over a decade I’ve been building and participating in business communities, networks and Coworking spaces.

Bernie J Mitchell

Let's Get Going!


I’m hosting number of Workshops every month that you’ll surely find interesting and worth joining.


I understand the struggle of every business owner. Profit, leads, marketing and management in general can be daunting.  Don’t let these overwhelm you and risk losing your business. Book a No-obligation consultation today and let’s talk about your challenges.  


The 90-day Workshop Plan that helps hundreds of business (Not Just Coworking!) escape their dilemmas.  A proven plan recommended by the (Storybrand) team and guides. 

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