Drowned and the Saved

(This post title is certainly inspired by Primo Levi)

As the bulldozer pushed the dead and nearly dead bodies into the hole in the ground that had been dug by the same people who were now dropping into it.

As the TV in Westfield shopping mall in Stratford showed pictures of celebrity chefs making street food. Most excitingly this week was “European Peasant Food” made from simple and nutritious grains and wild herbs.


Meanwhile downstairs in a pub off Whitehall a man in a grey suit sat in an armchair reading a newspaper, he was comfortable but slightly irritated that he could not smoke in this basement bar any more, it had been 10 years since you could have a pint and a cigarette inside in London.

Day at the beach

Meanwhile on a beach in Turkey the waves gently lapped around the face of Aylan as he slept on the beach. He always slept on his front with his arms by his sides, the only thing he’d move as he slept was his head.

Italian Sunshine

Meanwhile in Italy Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan was recording a video about migrants – not to be confused with refugees – he was part of a project that was refurbishing a hostel and play area.

The Solution?

The way to stop the deaths of refugees and migrants was for them never to get in the boat in the first place.

Then they would be saved and not drowned.
I thought £u<k me – how stupid these people are. More to the point why did not anyone point this out?

Has anyone seen my baby?

Anyway I thought I’d check with Alyan’s Dad how it all went down and this is what he said:

If we really thought about it…

I have been watching and taking part in this as it unfolds on twitter, I always think it is unproductive to lash out at people on twitter. it kills the conversation and debate – which is where twitter is so epic.

OF COURSE I have the urge to tweet you posh C&*T at people but that is not going to prolong the conversation. There is a better way and I know people working on it. In the mean time my main message would be this from the late Tony Benn:

PetitionAccept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK.

There is a global refugee crisis. The UK is not offering proportional asylum in comparison with European counterparts. We can’t allow refugees who have risked their lives to escape horrendous conflict and violence to be left living in dire, unsafe and inhumane conditions in Europe. We must help.

Sign this petition

432,248 signatures and rising.

As always comments welcome.

2 thoughts on “Drowned and the Saved”

  1. Hi mate,

    A week later, and I’m still distraught about this image, and the events surrounding it. This post ties in perfectly with Judy Dunn’s recent post over at Pure Blogging – I left a comment there, which I’ll share here (if that’s okay), as I feel it speaks to the topic of your post.

    When I saw the images of little Aylan lying prone on that beach, it broke my heart. I have a daughter the same age, and some times she’ll sleep in her bed in the same position this little boy lay, in his final hours. And yet, as tragic as this was, and as powerful an image it was for the world to finally wake up to, it won’t be the last nor (probably) the most tragic.

    It’s a sad fact of life that it’s the children that make us notice things.
    Many of my friends and I (yourself included) have been talking about this crisis for months, if not years, and how the West is ignoring one of the biggest genocides since the days of Rwanda. For all intents and purposes, the governments of the West have given Bashar al-Assad free rein to massacre those that stand against him, or don’t fit into his plans for a perfect race. Sound familiar?

    Yet it took the lifeless body of a three year old boy for the media of the world to start shouting from the rooftops. Yes, some media has covered the Syrian crisis, but not anywhere to the degree they have following last week’s events. But will it make a difference? Will the West now intervene?
    On early evidence, no. And so the killing goes on.

    Which makes you wonder – when even a child’s life doesn’t instill change, what will? How many more parents will be faced with those heartbreaking decisions to put their child in even more danger, to escape the terror behind?

    I can’t imagine being in these shoes, nor would I ever want to. No-one should have to – we need to do more to ensure they never do.

    For shame.

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