“Do you know why you want to use Social Media?” #LLBS #TAGtribe


“Do you know why you want to use Social Media?”

“I heard it was the next thing!”

“Well we say a bit of old with new is what you should do, find the balance!”


The panic of getting on social media is a waste of time; many people are running around town shouting things at you like ‘if you are not on social media you will not have a business in 2 years time!’ Before they were social media experts they were Time Share sales experts and live in the world where everything ‘is the opportunity of a life time.’

The way some agencies act is equivalent to Steve Jobs getting a bit impatient with you because you still use a phone with a keypad on it – these agencies are so far ahead they think the rest of the World is stupid.

Lots of people will have seen the Socialomics video that blurts out statistics like 10 zillion people are now on facebook and if YouTube was a country it would be the 27th biggest galaxy. This information is of no use to Alan the accountant or Shapiro the surveyor, it is nice to know, is an amazing video and we love it.

However, to most business people this information is not inspiring it is just shocking an already secretly scared business owner into thinking they are now really doomed. With over  ¾ million businesses in London operating with less than 1 – 5 people, suddenly changing the marketing tactic to twitter is impractical in terms of time and available resources within the operation. Like most things in business unless you are wildly committed and passionate about what you have to do it will be hard to get your head round it.

Here at TAG tribe we are advocating looking at all your marketing in a very collaborative way, every month we run the SME 2.0 event for members, this will help people grow together and develop their online experience with each other.

Leaping onto twitter is probably a waste of time for a lot of people, getting on the right platform where people are talking about what you are doing is a much better idea, we love twitter but it might not be the best place for you. If you are an I.T. Support Company looking for small corporations or submarine drivers how would you know where to look? We will show you.

Having a long term view of your business, looking at your brand evolution and how you are actually growing will save you a lot of sleepless nights and you will be able to enjoy the buzz of what you are building.

Because TAG tribe is building a community to collaborate, connect and share resources we will never sell to you, sell it on or get you to sell it or sell something for us. Instead you will have the space to share your wisdom and learn from the community.

TAGtribe membership is the monthly the SME 2.0 (Social Media Engagement 2.0) event, the fun and informative Late Late Breakfast Show on the third Tuesday of every month. We then empower members to set up their own fortnightly Mastermind groups that can meet at breakfast, lunch, dinner or just coffee.



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