A day in the life of Bernie

Of course this would be much more interesting for you to read if I was mud wrestling with Hilary Clinton or had just released a new tune with Bruno Mars.

My life is pretty mundane so the last thing you need to do is think I am showing off in this blog post.
I enjoy the conversations I have with people about how to get things done or rather overcoming fear, pissing about and procrastinating. That is the grade of ‘getting things done’ that I mean – I’d hate for you to be intimidated by me misleading you into thinking I was a high achiever, key person of influence and best selling Amazon author.

Have you noticed that EVERYONE online who has written a book is a best selling Amazon author?

Day in the life of Bernie…
Ok so not EVERY day is like this and it is more interesting how I got to this model than what I actually do everyday.

I aim to get up around 6am and meditate for twenty minutes and then write 750 words. I say aim because I use the Sleep Cycle App that wakes me up anytime between 05:45 and 06:15 – the app tracks when I have ended a deep sleep cycle so I wake up at the best time.
The night before I have prepared oats and chopped fruits that I leave in the fridge overnight, this is breakfast and I also drink an Argentine tea called Yerba MatÄ—.
Then I get #babybernie out the door, on a bus and to nursery, if all the buses are in the right place at the right time I can do all this and be at my beloved ‘coworking basecamp’ 90 Mainyard by 08:15am

As I move I listen to books in audible.com or Blogs via an app called Voice Dream. By 09:30am I have written 750 words and listened to 10 blogs from people I know and love. I used to listen to lots of podcasts but I was trying to be like all of them and it was confusing and exhausting, not their content – I mean the personality disorder I developed. Instead I read blogs which is nearly the same but I don’t want to be like Heather the voice App whereas I REALLY wanted to be Neville Hobson.

I disappear until 1pm, I guard my time in the morning, this is when I am most productive. For example 750 words takes me 20 minutes on average in the morning and THREE HOURS in the evening. If I am meeting people I find it easier to connect when I have done all my work for the day.
How to save an astounding amount of time
A key thing is every tool I use is mobile and connected to other people and projects. My two main ‘gigs’ are OuiShare and Moondog Marketing both teams use Slack that connects to tools like Trello, Asana, Google Apps, Twitter and Mailchimp. Slack is where all my communication and project updates are, so no more email or facebook messaging. When I dropped email and facebook I was amazed how quickly my head cleared and how much time I saved. It is also really fucking annoying moving between different apps on a mobile device to share a file or check a message.

The biggest party bonus is that I can assign tasks to Fancy Hands the support service from my mobile and even better directly from Asana and Trello.
So the last job of the day is to see how much stuff I can send to Fancy Hands for processing overnight and what I need to do first the next day.

The Crap bit.
I could have been working this way for ages. The events of the last few years MADE me take a look at how I work, not how I ‘think’ I work – how I actually produce stuff! Really any creative, written and even just task based work after 2pm takes me six times longer, so it is better to quit and get up 15 minutes earlier to do work that goes beyond 2pm.
I am crap because sometimes I foolishly slave on into the night and let my brain decompose, this means I disconnect from my family. I get irritated with myself and become irritating to others. My ‘super powers’ erode and while I don’t dive into depression I punch myself in the face a few times for not sticking to the commitment I made. #Babybernie picks up on my energy too, he can ‘smell’ when I am weak and unleashes his full arsenal of non-compliance, like 40 minutes to brush his teeth or 40 minutes to get dressed. When my whole head and heart are with him it is easy to turn actions into fun and do simple things like ask him questions about what he needs to do instead of ‘TELLING’ him what he should be doing.

When people TELL me what to do I shut down, even if it is the wrong thing to do.
I often think how many crap requests I make of #babybernie and expect him to follow through, of course he doesn’t – he is way smarter than that. (Something he gets from his mother.)

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