I'll help you communicate your coworking business to attract more customers

My first go at working with a coworking space was in London in 2010 and I’ve been plugged in ever since.

I’m always seeking a deeper understanding of how people share space and work and learn together.
Since 2012 I’ve been podcasting non-stop with people on communication, collaboration and community to share ideas and keep learning and evolving.

Building an impactful and interesting community? I’d love to help you tell your story.


I work with independent coworking spaces and brands.
I’ll be most useful to you if you have been running a few years and are looking to grow your business and establish systems.

You will have got past the fun of opening up and will know who you are a business and who your ideal member is.

You are gagging to share your story and be useful in your communication.

You will be willing to learn and try new things.​