#coffee at Taylor Street


It always delights me when the odds are stacked this high and the little guy wins.
This is Taylor St. one of two sites in the city that serve my favourite Union Hand Roasted coffee.

Here’s the story; once upon a time opposite Taylor St. there was a Starbucks with seating, jazz music, wifi, almond croissants and orange mocha frappucino. Now there is no Starbucks, Taylors have two machines (and I don’t think this is because their trade doubled when Starbucks left.)

There is always a queue outside – even in the rain – I know people who walk more than a few blocks to get their coffee here because the vibe is epic and the music rocks. At peak time this very small shop feels like a central line carriage in rush hour that has been blessed with the velvet sent of coffee rather than red bull and body odour. I love it here, well my macchiato is ready bye!

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