‘Can you endorse me?’ #LinkedIn – What do you do?

Every so often I get a message in my LinkedIn inbox that that says ‘Can you endorse me?’ – My reaction is often that a little bit of me dies inside, you have spoilt the moment for me.

I asked for recommendations at one point and I called or emailed everyone personally it was very important to me to do it that way.

If someone calls me up and asks for help, explains the context of what they want I am happy to help, in this way I find I can get an ‘authentic sweet spot’ that I can talk to others about. I always endeavour to be honest about myself and other people.

When I receive a standard impersonal message saying ‘can you endorse me?’ from someone I have not heard from for ages or they have not been to an event I suddenly feel like they have shoved a flyer in my hand outside a railway station and asked for feedback.

A huge thing for me is having people ‘act out of inspiration rather than obligation’ if you do something in order to get something it creates a transaction, so you might as well be in retail.

When you really help someone out you create a bond that you can’t put a price on. This is very important.

There are many people in my network that I am inspired to help and they certainly help me back more often than not this is to do with something emotional or intellectual. There are also people that I feel in a ‘transaction’ with. (BTW if you are not sure which one just ask, I would be delighted to set you straight.)

While we are here, the “forcing referral question” is dealt with very well in this Referral Institute blog. I have been to many a BNI meeting where someone who has read the manual upside down really thinks that all they have to do is give someone business and then they will get loads back.

Everyone knows that people do business with people they know like and trust, so really you crazy fool no one worth their salt is going to recommend you unless you have thought about it Andy Lopata blogged about this here.

I have to put my hands up and admit I am ever so slightly pedantic about this so turn your sensitivity meters down.

However, do have your say here:-

Comments, objections, rants welcome as always and please tweet them to keep the conversation going…

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