Five things that are working well for me this week #101

1. Grass Fed Irish Butter in my coffee.

Ok there is a little bit more to this. On Dave Asprey’s BulletProof food plan your breakfast is a big mug of high grade coffee served with grass fed butter and MCT oil (High grade coconut Oil) this is all blended together to produce a delicious, rich and creamy coffee. I have found the decaf version works best for me, it seems as soon as I put more than a small amount of caffeine in my body I get cravings for sweet food and my judgemental arsehole persona is more active.

2. Not eating sugar, fructose, bread or anything gluten.

Very connected to the last point. I am absolutely fucking AMAZED at how dramatically cutting all this type of food out of my diet has impacted me having a clear head and SIGNIFICANTLY lower levels of anxiety. My natural energy levels have increased and I sleep more deeply and calmly than I have done for years. This has led to me laughing even more and being silly again, I can feel a spontaneous sense of fun running over me rather than a need to be funny. One of the places I notice this most is when #babybernie is giving me a run for my money. When I am pumped full of sugar and caffeine I am good but my patience level is low and I tell him what to do. When my head is clear I think faster and I ask questions and let him work things out, or said another way I am more open to seeing what happens and have him take the lead – knowing that I am ok with the mess if everything backfires – don’t be impressed – it often does – however I much more like Robin Williams than Margret Thatcher as it all plays out.

3. Collaborating in Trello and using Google Tasks for “just me”.

Of course I am a Trello fan boy – but I found it did not work for me and my own life. I spent more time in it than on it. The move to google tasks simplified my own world to spend time on collaborations with Ouishare projects and Moondog. This was upgraded again with the discovery of the Franklincoveytasks app that syncs with Google and Outlook, this is built around the Covey roles and big rocks thing so I have “roles” to deliver on like “publisher” “Dad” “community member” and so on. This works in my head really well as I have a very strong emotional connection to the people I spend time with. Another iOS app for Google tasks is xxxxx that is robust off line and on.

4. Only working in the morning.

I fell off the early bird wagon and started to slip into starting around 10am. As soon as I shot back into being gently woken early by my sleep cycle app I swung back into developing being a calm, disciplined nice guy. Every morning I start with fresh lemon in warm water, Bulletproof coffee, meditation, 750 words then out the door with #babybernie – this does not happen every morning but that is my BIG goal – when this bit works every bit works. The best days are when we all have time to walk to the station together!

5.Listening to Jon’s podcast.

This might sound dumb – I listen to my teammate Jon’s podcast about online marketing and communications and it helps me sync and know what line to take with people we work with. The main reason I cling to Jon like a life raft is that he understands the area of online like analytics, web conversion, customer journey and other tech and data points that I know of but would not know where to find them. So if you were thinking I am smart I am not – I just hang out with smart people.

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