Between stimulus and response there is a little bit called choice.

Energy is low. 
Small things are completely energy zapping. 
Some days it seems like a game.
I have long subscribed to the idea from Viktor Frankl that in he space between stimulus and response there is a little bit called choice. 

Indeed after reading Viktor and Primo Levi when ever I am stuck a tube train I think of how they travelled to the destination that gave them their stories to tell and feel imediatly choose to stop whining to myself.

With the “choice” everything could go either way.
Sometimes when in a despair that space is skipped over. 

Sometime these days it announces its self for deeper discussion.
You could just get up and go. You know it is better when you just go.
This makes it even more torture, knowing there is a choice and not taking it kills.
So lying in bed “unable to move” knowing that you are lying there is doing ten times more damage than getting up and going could ever do you is shit.
Luckily I have a supercool wife who knows how to navigate this.
I have always been really good at getting up early. Years ago I worked in a five star hotel in Mayfair, lived in Camden and did the breakfast shift – early is GREAT.
Getting up early is good for your body and soul AND you get a seat on the tube.
My “leap out of bed” super power is in hold for a bit, I really do hope normal service resumes soon.

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