Back and bad

After spending yesterday morning inside my head and cross eyed everything turned out well.

Big thanks to the people that SMS’d and DM’d me to get my head out my arse. Even before you sent the message knew you were right.
The Lesson 
I thought all morning about blogging about it and then when finally did I woke up. I love blogging. 
I am sure more than one of you are wondering why I wrote his shit.
I have moved faster in the last week than I have all year. Also when I walk into a room these days the conversation does not start with “how was you journey?” “shame about the weather” or “did you see Holby City?”
The lesson for me was just do it. 
My day
So I zoomed over Social partners to lead the panel about community with Luis, Dave, Robin and Ian. 
I’d cut it really fine and looked in horror as the next train was cancelled.
I often wonder how a train gets cancelled two minutes before it arrives, especially in this day and age. What happens? Does it go though a worm hole or Bermuda Triangle? 
So I got to the event just in time and was buzzing, a few people  made comments that would kill – which were actually funny. 
I am going to post about the whole topic as we ran two events on community and could have talked for HOURS! 
I am now going to sleep 🙂
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