Are we there yet?

I have been talking about blogging ALL WEEK and have not written a word. 
(Warning: this is going to be quick and dirty and probably won’t make much sense) 


Last week I had what is a “break though” session at therapy, I made a connection between tones of stuff, from 9 areas of life that shone a light on blocks and barriers in er, my being. (Did that sound Woody Allen enough?) It is nearly a year since I noticed my head falling apart and went to see the Doctor.

The last few weeks I have been walking uphill in treacle, with lead boots.
Luckily this is only on a couple of things (there is ONE thing that if you are near me you’ll know that I have been procrastinating on like a Bull just outside an abattoir.)

With the help of people around me, in particular my #coworking crew I am on the final run. The other thing that has helped cause a shift is doing the 30 day blog challenge by +Natalie Sisson – as the opening line of this blog reveals….. I have been crap at writing.

The HUGE reward for me has been joining the dots between what I want to be doing and what I am actually doing. I have just stopped punching myself in the face for wasting large chunks of time “with my ladder against the wrong wall” as Steven Covey would say.

So what is going on? 
(Look I have to hurry up – I have 6 minutes left to finish this!!)

1. The “Horror” of the last few weeks (I exaggerate for effect) means I have joined the dots, really fast in fact. Writing certainly helps and also I think that looking carefully at what is around me and then looking into the future has helped. When answering one of +Natalie Sisson‘s blog questions I realised that I have more than enough around me.

2. I am able to laugh at mistakes and see the lesson now. (More on this another day).

3. In our house we have made a huge effort to all sit down and eat together, for a few weeks we became fragmented because of work times and other things. My #supercoolwife instigated us all having breakfast and other meals sat down together at a table. MAGIC  😉

4. My phone was stolen, two guys robbed my phone from me outside the British Museum in London. It has taken AGES to get the IEMI number stopped by +Vodafoneuk Web in fact two weeks and four phone calls has nearly got it sorted. Then I have to wait another two weeks for the insurance company to process everything, I think the lesson here is get your insurance with your carrier not your bank.

A twitter mate had her +Vodafoneuk Web stolen the same night and was up and running in 48 hours.
I actually have welcomed not having a phone, I have been made to unplug in my own environment, to stop tweeting, swiping, emailing and all the other bollox.

When I run away, and I will I will be armed with my laptop and a family – not my phone.

Chris is back and I have to go. BYE 😉

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