A new swarm badge for London to get … going to have to be quick Saturday 30th October 7pm – 10pm #spookyswarmLDN


A few hours ago we started seeing a new swarm type badge come in from the far east – The Spooky Swarm Badge, the problem is that it only be issued after 8pm this Friday, Saturday & Sunday. This sent a massive amount of traffic over my way to see if we could get the community moving to achieve this limited swarm badge.  Amongst all that noise then came the megaswarm and epicswarm badge news that was also starting to come in from the far away but more on that later.

I quickly started some communication hoping to catch many of the London crowd before they went home but as we know the social media types have long lunches and leave at 3 (am I allowed to say this).  Anyway after a quick mass tweet out to all the superswarm people we really only managed to get a dozen or so commitments, so best to step back and think.  Thanks to all who commited.

Then I just got a note in from @hardij saying that @jonchoo was having a 30th birthday party in Kings Cross at Camino in Kings Cross on Saturday night at 7pm.  BINGO and both where Superswarm supporters during our #superswarmLDN campaign.  So not only could we get people to a party on Saturday night we would also get the 16 candles badge.  Thats 2 badges (thanks for the reminder @vincenthaywood and a 30th party.

So could we get the Spooky Swarm badge tomorrow – lets go for it http://plancast.com/p/2t1g  


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