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So Reader,

I have to run, I've got to pick up #supercoolson from his tutor, get to Westfield for a COVID test and then run home to pack.

It is interesting how the cost of COVID-19 tests is more than the cost of travel to the Netherlands for a week!

So dive into all the links and hit reply to let me know how you are doing!
Hands up! - There will be typos here today - I'm using a new grammar checker I got from AppSumo, and we are still getting to know each other!

12 Week Year Scenario

The BIGGEST deal this week was our Coworking I.D.E.A. Project session at Coworking Europe.

You can see the whole session here and check out the challenge this month.

But why is this so interesting?

It is interesting because all the people on that screen are interconnected and interdependent, some of them have never met.

Whether they work for a big company that has been around for over fifty years.

Or a company that has been here a decade.

Or if they are a start-up or a gold medallist Paralympic swimmer (yes we have one working with us!)

They are tied together, making business and work more human.

Many of you who read this newsletter have been working to humanise business and build brilliant relationships.

The other thing about that panel is many of those relationships were formed from a thing called Be2Camp.

And I got into Be2camp when I connected with Su Butcher on Twitter in 2008.

We were connected before that on LinkedIn, but Twitter was where the real trouble started.

Without Be2camp I would not have understood coworking when it arrived in my face in 2010, or known what a SMART City was, and I think it was here I first heard the word 'Scrum' in a talk on collaboration.

The Health and Fitness Scenario

Tomorrow I'm off to Oosterhout for this month's team meeting, you will remember my euphoria at meeting the people I've worked with for nearly two years in real life here.

I loved every minute of that trip, ate too much and lost my fitness practice.

Since we got back from the Warsaw I've been making it a priority to get to the swimming pool every week day and get to Escrima and Kickboxing every Saturday.

The goal is to GET THERE not do it, so I wake up and aim to get inside the gym and the get into the changing room, and before I know I'm by the pool.

I always go in the steam room first and think, well if I only do this I've done something!

The reality is I'm way more interested in the mental health payoffs than anything physical.

In fact I think the bravest people at the gym are the ones who need to get in shape — and the mental battle of getting there is bigger than admiring yourself in the mirror!

The Scenario On Instagram

One of the best things this year is 'accidentally' taking up a martial art.

In this post here on Instagram you can see #supercoolson and me sparing with foam sticks.

It is a 'you had to be there thing' - the whole class from super skilled to me all had to spar with a different person every two minutes. MAYHEM! ;-)

If you want to come along one Saturday morning we're by Willesden Junction station - hit reply!

The Scenario On LinkedIn

I don't suppose I mentioned we did a session on inclusion and diversity at the Coworking Europe conference?

A lot of people find out about these things in our mate Hectors This week in coworking newsletter, which is also posts on LinkedIn here every Thursday.

This public display of who and what is happening on every economic avenue of the coworking industry, even the bits I don't like!

This newsletter saves me hours of going down the Google rabbit hole about what to pay attention to.

The Scenario On Meet Up

Martin London Bloggers Meet Up

Become part of a community of bloggers

Martin Huntbach shares with us the importance of becoming part of a bloggers.

To be part of a community is to always have a support structure. In a community, we help each other and we give advice where needed.

As bloggers, it also helps when trying to find out about the latest on SEO, the latest trends, and everything in the blogger sector.

Join and RSVP the London Bloggers Meet Up here.

This Weeks Podcast Interviews

Coworking Values Podcast
We ran a WHOLE session last week on Inclusion and diversity at the Coworking Europe conference and Alex and Ashley recorded this ahead of the event.

They are two long-standing coworking industry advocates rifling on the state of the world, it was a great conversation and set up for the event.
Listen here.
TechLondon Podcast
Miro is the founder of the HUGE OfficeRnD and we spoke about being from Bulgaria and how predudiuce people are towards funding.
Listen here.

What I'm Reading this week

Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0 (Author) Jim Collins - This is a revised version of an earlier book by Collins and Bill Lazier, the same book with 30 years more insights.
Rebuild: How to Do Business Better Mary Portas (Author, Narrator) - written off the back of Mary's January 2020 TED talk about the Kindness Economy.

Mary's book is packed with examples of highly profitable companies like LUSH and Patagonia which have shaped a better way of building a company.
Have a remarkable day - gotta go!

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