50% offer for #tweetcamp people!

50% off of what?

There is always someone at an event who can’t help themselves but to post something in the twitter stream that is a product offer.

And why not? It is not bad or wrong it is just more shortsighted than a shortsighted thing just graduated from shortsighted school.

At the two biggest #linchpin London Meet Ups someone always posted an offer on the event page.
The first people knew Seth was famous and liked marketing, they had a marketing product but had not read “Permission Marketing” the second guy was a KNOWN AUTHOR and was launching a book that week – hells teeth batman!!! He really should know better!

It will be interesting to see how many people open this blog because of the offer.
People love an offer – but why?

Some people will be disgusted I put an offer in the #tweetcamp stream – so they bloody should! They are my type of people BTW 🙂

There is no offer – just in case you did not work that out.

Any thoughts to add?

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