Just another 30 day blog challenge… #24

So I started this #justanother30dayblogchallenge thing to kick myself into shape.
I have seen many people do it, shout about how they are doing it and hope to get more twitter followers.

This time I am blogging and I don’t care if anyone reads it or not. No really I don’t give a rats arse.
Because I am working out loud. I am in Beta. I am finding my feet. I am jumping out my comfort zone and don’t mind what I look like.
Of course I mind what I look like but if I shoot forward like this I will care less, in fact after a while I will start to move so fast it will be a blur.


I am nearly up to 200,000 words on 750words.com and that is probably more than I wrote my whole time in University now to write another 100,000 words seems easy. it is just a little everyday.

So, reader.
I have been walking around thinking this for ages and the only reason not to do it (I’ll come to what ‘it’ is in a minute) is because I might not make it – sorry ‘it’.
IT is a public – well you and me – to blog everyday for a year in 2015 – I’ll start to practice now and then set in stone the core commitment from the first of January 2015.

Podcast twice a week – so that is nine bits of content a week – ZIKES!
Actually it is really easy.
It is as simple as running round the blog every day, I can write 500 words in twenty minutes easy.
On a good day with the wind in the right direction I can write 750 – a few times I have been in full-flow-stream-of-consciousness and whipped 750 words out in under 19 minutes.
When I sit down to beat the clock it does not work, when I start going and get an idea in my head I am away and it all happens very fast.
The reward is epic, the feeling of flow and the breakneck speed of ideas flowing onto the screen is one of the most exciting and inspirational feelings I can generate for myself.

The ‘blog everyday thing’ has other motives, I can write and I love it so that is 80% of the battle, next comes writing and speaking clearly sometimes I write and it is clear, funny, informative and heartwarming, other times it is bollox.
I am going to try with a few topics and themes that I like and see what works, what I am really good at.
I love apps, CRM, workflow, podcasting and gathering and sharing information. We also LOVE to travel as a family and I love to work on the move, this presents challenges for working on the go, time around family and just getting stuff done.

Of course ALL of this touches business and the sharing economy, so I will never run out of content, maybe the odd crap post or ten but there will always be content.

I am CRAP under pressure, I always make it and ALWAYS end up punching myself in the face for leaving things to the last minute and not thinking about it properly, that is why the blogging and podcasting really works for me – I can plan it, wing it and move it around.
So far we have found that recording 6 podcasts in one day works really well, by grouping tasks we can focus our energy and it is easier to make the blog posts as we go and then Jon can do the edits for the audio.
Recording the podcast is fun and easy as we love the subject and pick our own guests – the GRAFT is in the editing and the REAL graft is in the promotion, sending it to social in a way that is not spammy and getting found on hashtags is an art form in itself.

When I say wing it I mean jump on a call, focus and ask questions, sometimes I have been walking along while we podcast which just does not work. You can hear this in the podcast we did with our mate Liv from Grub Club, I was delayed and walking through the Olympic Park on mute and using Slack to ask questions.

We were tight for time on schedules and wanted to podcast with Liv as she was in the middle of her crowdfunding campaign, her and Alex went out for £250k and raised £300K at the last look.

So there is my declaration for 2015.
I am going to thing of a few constraints and rules to focus and inspire me.

Any suggestions?

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