30 Day Blog Challenge Day Two – On the move

If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be? 

These days I am fine with being me, which was not always the case.
And if I woke up tomorrow and could do anything I’d be on a plane to Argentina armed with #Supercoolwife and #Babybernie. 

From Argentina I’d write stuff like this blog from Tigre just outside BA and record podcasts with people about the “Sharing Economy” and “Collaborative Economy” (or what ever it is called this week.)

 We’d then start to zoom between Krakow and BA and see which place we’d end up in o the way. As long as I had internet and a tablet or Laptop I’d be able to work. 

The BEST BEST version of our family is when we are on the move, those times in airports, trains, buses and waking up in different beds having breakfast with different people are the true true magic I crave, the “inconvenience” of not being settled, out of a routine and not “sheep-walking” into work everyday makes us all feel the most alive. 

By the time #Babybernie was a year old he’d been to three different countries and had been on most forms of transport from planes to speed boats. On a three month trip to Argentina when he was about 6 months old was where we sealed the deal as our cool little family. Knocked out of daily 9 – 5 commutes and “get home to get dinner ready” we all adapted to travelling, changing nappies on buses body clocks readjusting. It was a lot of fun, it was also very stressful for me in that “working remotely” was not as easy as I thought. I did not prepare very well and, well there were a lot of screw ups from my end. ;-(

However, now I know – on the move, blogging, podcasting, working online and causing trouble.  

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