30 Day Blog Challenge Day Four

What does it take to really be location independent? 

Don’t get attached? 
I have a suspicion it has something to do with mindset?

Can I answer it like this? 
Once upon a time I lived only in the UK and always worked near town centres and shopping malls, by mistake of course. In 2004 I went to work teaching English on a language camp in the middle of a forest in Poland for five weeks. When I came back I stood for nearly an hour in the middle of the shopping and gasped – of course I did not gasp for a whole hour – my mouth would have dried up – the whole bloody mall sold about two things that were essential to living. It was full of stuff and more stuff. I realised how much stuff I had, eight years later my need for stuff is getting less and less. 

For me personally?
I have to only use the Internet and store everything on line, my value has to be created online or in person by speaking or running workshops. This means both over coming obstacles and planning. A huge part is taking into account my family, which I am not always good at, it is no good racing off on a lush life and then working all day. 

So focus comes into this too, which is anther battle for me (which I am winning) I keep accidental committing to things that need me to be there, when really I need to be committing to things that need an Internet connection and nothing else. 

I have been talking about being “location independent” for years, and part of this 30 day challenge is to put those words into action. I can’t abide people who talk and talk and talk and never do – especially when the person is me, it makes me angry and negative. Of course when you are angry and negative with yourself you get even less done and move even further away from what you want to do.

The last point for today is putting your flag pole in the ground and telling people “that’s it, I’m off” – I am still stalling on this one. November time I’ll put my money where my mouth is and you can hold me to that. 

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