Coworking Desk, London NW1 – WLTM Freelancer w/ GSOH

Coworking Desk, London NW1 – WLTM Freelancer w/ GSOH

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Coworking Desk London NW1
Before we dive in here.
The spirit of our website is one of productivity, unity, love and having fun.
I’d hate to kill your productivity with a blog you don’t need to read.
So if £350 a month for a coworking desk in zone one of London is not something you are looking for stop reading now.
If you are on the hunt for a place to do your deep work follow me

The Big News is:
We have six coworking desks available here @Work Hubs, the cthe space where I am based here in central London. (One of them is even next to mine.)
Ideally, you’ll be a freelancer, indie worker, independent economic agent, unemployable, micro business or whatever the terminology is this week.

You Just Won’t:
– Be a network marketer or sell subscriptions to an energy company as a side hustle.
(If you want to pour acid in your ears when people use the word “hustle” in a business context that would be great.)
– admire Donald Trump or Nigel Farge,
– be chasing around London seeking to fund your ‘game changing’ Sharing Economy Start Up.
– You won’t get your news from Mashable, Daily Mail, Periscope.
– Sorry, there is no member of the month award either.
– I think that is everything.
I am keen to say you don’t have to be uber cool, have the latest Apple device, an OBE or a public school education to be part of this community.

Work Alone. Together.
What you will be up for is taking part in a community that you will help shape in the next few months.
That does not mean you have to read 10 books about community or know it all, just show up when you like and be yourself.
In October @Work Hubs members can participate in peer to peer “Working Out Loud Circles” based on John Stepper’s framework.
This will enable you to move like you have the home team advantage, and slowly other co-workers will become your teammates.
Just be yourself.

Free Beer Tap And Table Football
In the absence of a free beer tap, table football and a gym we have a few small and regular events – which are:

BYOB Breakfast
Every two weeks on a Tuesday we have our “bring and share” breakfast where you bring something to throw on the table and we all dive in, friends of @Work Hubs come to this too.
Any left-over food goes in our Olio ‘Food Sharing’ Fridge so we can share it.
Just to be clear, sometimes breakfast ends up being three shit jam tarts, while other times there is beautiful organic, vegan sprinkled with fairy dust – all depends on who is taking part.
We are surrounded by little cafes, including the one used in BBC’s Sherlock vegetarian Indian restaurants and shops nearby you can fill up from.
Come to the next breakfast event RSVP Here

Write Club (Deep Work)
Every Thursday for two hours a group of us handcuff ourselves to a table and just write.
We all have to produce blogs, web copy and articles for our work and this is the one time we know can ship it.
We then eat our lunch together and chat about copywriting, apps, web and e-mail – it really is that wild.
To join in the next one RSVP here

European Union
We are also deeply plugged into the OuiShare Community , Copass and Coworking Europe Communities.
At the end of November 2016, all these worlds collide at the Copass Camp at the 5th Coworking Europe event in Brussels, the video below is from Lisbon in 2014

What To Do Next,
The best thing to do is sneak into one of the events and don’t tell anyone you are checking the place out, then you will catch us with our guard down and no one will try and sell you anything.
Of course you can come for a free trail day to see how the place works for you.
If you are reading this and are not in London please share this to people you know it will work for.

If you can’t wait to come contact Philip the founder here, or give me a shout via the contact form below.

Thanks for reading!

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