I’m Living On Process Street

Today? Already? Bloody hell this is tricky.

But I have discovered something so groundbreaking it is going to be the making of my blogging career.

I can share it right here, right now before anyone else in the World finds out – think of it as your exclusive reader first.

Here it is:

Having a process helps.

Take a few minutes to let that sink in and you’ll be able to appreciate the true extent of that “pro tip” I just shared with you.

Making Ideas Happen

I have always been a bit crap at the process thing. I wanted to be wild and creative. Free and un-tameable.

So you can imagine my disappointment when “Making Ideas Happen” came out and the bulk of the book recommended having a ritual or process for ongoing creativity.

I’m living on Process Street

At New Media Europe in London this year my biggest takeaway and take action was (THE) Tony Brown’s session on process.

Maybe I am just ready to hear this stuff.

Maybe he talks in an accent I am willing to listen to.

Suddenly I have cracked my code on working out the chinks, blocks, creases, in how I make stuff.

I have fallen in love with an app called Process Street that enables you to work out a process AND share it with people.

For example, I am using Process Street to map out instructions for Fancy Hands the VA service I have been using since 2011.

Previously I would write this out in an email, dumb I know. I could have shared a Google doc. I know that too.

If it is beautiful and fun I’ll use it.

You can drag and drop and think and change and share and add links and pictures.

More than one person has said, “you can do that in an excel file – dickhead.”

But I can’t.

I need it spelt out to me. 

I need to be invited to write stuff out in a certain way in order to reveal the gaps and opportunities.

I could run really helpful and detailed workshops on blogging, podcasting and email engagement and process at the drop of a hat.

However, when I return to my own Batcave the Kryptonite affects me too.

Massive brain fog kicks in and looking up old girlfriends, old boyfriends and old wish-we-could-have-been-friends on Facebook takes over.

Rituals And Determine-Nation

Doing the same thing with an air of process and deliberate practice has become a fun and enchanting pass time for me. I made the connection between my morning ritual creating space me and how applying a ritual to blogging and podcasting would unearth more fun.

I am determined to fine tune this in order to create more space in my day, so I can do important things like cook and play Lego with #babybernie.

One last heads up before I go.

Tony and Vinay host a deeply insightful podcast where they interview everyone from idonethis, Zapier and some of the Rainmaker crew about how to construct their processes.

Hit me up on twitter @bermiejmitchell with your question or comments – try thanks for reading – see you tomorrow! 

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