That's a comment from a Trello user - and we hear that a lot!

Everybody around you seems to be using Trello. You want to become more productive and stop missing important tasks.

To be honest, though, you still can't really see what all the fuss is about. Isn't Trello just a list of lists? How is something so simple supposed to help you get organised?

Won't you and your team stop using Trello after the initial excitement has died down?

How much faster could you become more productive
if you could watch someone else use Trello to great effect?

Many individuals, teams, and companies use Trello day in day out to organise their projects. We have seen time and time again that making even small changes to your Trello setup can significantly change your habits for the better.

Trello is simple on the surface but to see how great it really is you need to dig a little deeper.

Bernie and I have used Trello for many years on projects large and small. We shared our own tips and tricks in workshops in London and Bali. People really benefited from seeing how others use Trello to become more productive. To make the information more accessible we've decided to bundle everything as a series of online lessons.

Get up to speed with Trello quickly

16 bite-sized lessons to get you and your team productive with Trello
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What's included

16 sections in 3 course modules

  • All Trello fundamentals covered

    All the Trello fundamentals condensed into 11 bite-sized tutorials. These lessons take all the trouble out of getting started with Trello. Clear step-by-step instructions with detailed screenshots get you, your team or your clients started quickly. Real-life examples show you how to use Trello to get more productive.

  • Keep your team working in Trello

    An in-depth tutorial on how to add your team to Trello. Learn how to collaborate effectively and stop your Trello boards from turning into a ghost town.

  • Meet deadlines

    An entire section dedicated to meeting deadlines (with Trello, of course). If you live in a calendar and are constantly chasing the next due date, this one is for you!

  • Personal productivity deep-dive

    A real deep-dive on how to use Trello for personal productivity. You can use this section as a step-by-step workbook to improve your own productivity or take valuable ideas from it to improve your own or your team's workflow.

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Our Story

Bernie and I have been using Trello for many years. We met at a co-working space in East London and started discussing tips and tricks over lunch. Anything would come up, from how to use labels to full productivity workflows. As time went on, other people joined the discussion and started asking us questions. After a few weeks, we started running free Trello workshops in London and during travels in Bali.

What happened next was that we spoke to more and more Trello users and patterns started to emerge. We came across many people who had started to use Trello and then got stuck. They liked the simplicity and got going quickly but couldn’t apply the knowledge to organise their work or personal goals. Trello's simplicity and ease of use were also a major barrier to getting started. How do you convert a completely empty Trello board into a system that can run an entire company?

We saw that our own experience in applying Trello to everyday projects was really helpful to others. And so, here we are: We've distilled the essence of our knowledge into a set of easy to follow online lessons. They are a mix of useful information, step-by-step tutorials with screenshots and more in-depth examples and life stories. We hope that these lessons will benefit people that we can't reach with the workshops. Trello has helped us transform our lives and we hope we can help you in a similar way.


Are you ready to save
even more time with Trello?

16 lessons over 3 modules • All the basics covered • Easy to follow tutorials with clear screenshots • Deep dives into adding your team to Trello • Deep dives into meeting deadlines with Trello • An entire personal productivity setup with Trello at it's centre • Never feel like you're stuck again.

Get your team on-board, stop Trello from turning into a ghost town. If you become more productive and save even 1 hour's work (and we're sure you will save MUCH more than that!!), then you've already recovered the costs.

Price: £59

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Frequent Questions

How can I access the course?
The course runs in your web browser. When you complete payment, you receive a username and password and links to the course itself.

Can I access the course as many time as I want?
Yes, once you've completed payment, you can access the Trello course as many times as you want. You will receive a username and password and can dip in and out at your leisure.

Who is the course for?
The Trello course is for anyone using Trello to become more productive. Beginners who have never used Trello will be most at home in Module 1 - The Beginning, which covers all the basics. More advanced users will also find useful information in there, such as how to get your team connected and engaged. Modules 2 and 3 deal with real-life uses, such as meeting deadlines and how we ourselves use Trello to stay productive. These modules are designed for users who have just started using Trello and for more experienced users.